Have you ever wanted to move to or maybe even just brave a brand new city, but simply didn’t know where to start? Born and raised on an island, I’ve definitely been there and the thought of leaving home was overwhelming at times, but each new adventure has fueled my curiosity, taught me to be a better traveler and greatly contributed to my growth as a person overall.

In college, I participated in a student exchange program to Thailand and got my first taste of international travel. Living with and learning from the locals ignited my gypsy spirit and my voracious love of cultural discovery was born. After graduating college, I left my Hawaii home, moved to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco. Paradise eventually called and I returned to Honolulu, but the wanderlust never wavered. Since then my passport pages have taken me backpacking through Europe, witnessed the love of my life propose to me at the Taj Mahal, soaked in Santorini sunsets, crossed the distant lands of China + Tibet, cruised in classic cars in Havana, and can tell tales of the time we styled our own photoshoot and had a pop-up shop in Daikanyama … just to name a few. My frequent flyer status also grew from continental travel, most frequently between LA, New York and Miami.

Current day, you can find me in LA. Yes, I moved back to the concrete jungle, the place that once made me yearn for family bbqs, warm waters, soft sandy beaches and clear blue skies. It may be hard to understand why I left paradise … once again, somedays even I don’t fully comprehend, but as always, this odyssey is helping me to be a better person.

Because of the places I’ve seen, it’s not uncommon for my family and friends to ask for recommendations on places to go and things to see. So I created this space for the sometime trip taker to anyone who ever wanted to take that leap towards satisfying their perpetual global curiosity. I personally live on lists and am usually very visual, so NECECITY will be a collection of recommendation lists filled with traveler tips and photos of pretty places, faces and things. Like my life, it’s a work in progress and always evolving.

Please enjoy and cheers to you, my fellow gypsies and all the loyal souls who love and travel with you.

xx, Maida Monte